Monday, July 4, 2011

Michael Flatley Returns As Lord Of The Dance

I’ve got to tell you, sometimes movies are released and I have to wonder, why would anyone buy that? This is especially true for documentary types of movies which present various stage shows. One of the stage shows I have wondered about, and not in a really good way, is The Lord of The Dance. This last year I took the time to watch The Rockettes Christmas Spectacular and my negative views regarding shows of this type was reinforced. With an appealing box cover, very nice reputable reviews, I decided to check out the new release of Michael Flatley Returns as The Lord of the Dance. This DVD did a world of good at changing my opinions of programs like this, not just a little, but enough so that I was up myself trying to dance and replicate the moves to the astonishment of my wife, and the delight of my granddaughter.

In the opening scenes of the presentation Michael Flatley speaks of how he wanted his stage production to be spectacular, complete with precision that took a year or more for some sequences to be practiced and worked on. Flatley speaks openly about how he desired to have a production that rivaled any Rock ‘N’ Roll concert in the world. Technically, from the dance moves, to the production value of the DVD including sound, he has done just that. This particular DVD, while viewed in standard format is hard to imagine being any better in a Blu-ray rendition, the vibrant colors, pounding sounds, and clarity of the taps on stage are simply put, Outstanding!

For lack of a better comparison this DVD is a ‘Rock Opera.’ Presented throughout is a story told by dance and music. The staging for the performance was one of the things that surprised me along with the quality of the musicians who participate with the show. While most videos of this type don’t transition well to the screen, this one does quite well. I fully expected the dancing to get monotonous but I was pleasantly surprised at the quality of entertainment from the various dances throughout the performance.

Many have unfortunately developed a distorted view of dance. Much of this perspective derives from some of the still existing old school religious views. I have to wonder, have those people ever read the full story of King David in the Bible? I can’t help but imagine King David dancing a good Irish style jig, or as my wife calls it, Irish Clogging. There is something that touches people when they see another enjoying life and celebrating. For those of us who have bodies that are capable of celebration, we should celebrate. Some of us know, that includes virtually every human on the planet. There are those who use their gifts to touch and bless others and that is certainly true with the cast for the stage production of The Lord of the Dance.

There is also something to be said for excellence and Michael Flatley has certainly given the example of excellence in the performances presented on screen. Unfortunately many of us settle on mediocrity, with movies and performances like we see on this DVD we should all be moved to excel in the things we do. For those who have a faith worth celebrating, this is a wonderful reminder that not only should we be willing to touch others with our lives, but we should do so with excellence.

I was pleasantly surprised with this DVD. I was surprised enough so that I can say without hesitation; if owning one program that displays dance, you could do no better than The Lord Of The Dance. The DVD is loaded with some nice special features that range from The Making Of to various Deleted Scenes. Michael Flatley Returns As Lord of the Dance is a tour de force of entertainment. It surprisingly entertains enough that I for one will be in line to buy tickets to the next live show that comes to my area. I suspect that anyone who enjoys good entertainment, with a rollicking good time will enjoy this DVD just as much as I did. In a world where we see fake recommendations on a DVD box, it is nice to see a box loaded with appropriate and truthful statements as to the quality of a product. This one is every bit as good as the credits on the box say it is, watch it and see for your self. Own it and watch it again and again, rent it and you will find yourself regretting the additional costs once you go to buy it.

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