Friday, June 12, 2015

Jurassic World 2015 in 3D
Let me get the first pet-peeve over with. This movie is rated 'PG-13' and could easily be an 'R' due to intense violence; that said, Parents, please, please, please understand the reason for this rating which means, "May not be suitable for children under the age of 13." Parents and legal guardians having mature children, who can control your children throughout the movie, please don't hesitate taking them if you want. I would say right off the bat though, I would have reservations taking a child under the age of 10, I certainly would not encourage taking children younger than that and was amazed at the parents taking 3, 4 and 5 year olds to the screening I attended. I hope the time they spend with their children from the nightmares dissuades them in the future from taking such small children. Another point, I don't care how old the child or adult is, please refrain from distracting the other viewers around you who have paid good money to see a movie. I literally had to listen to a 4 or 5 year old crying and pleading with their parents to give them money before they went to the bathroom. Sad thing is, the child won the argument while asking, and getting a $5 bill. Talk about ruining a movie going experience for those sitting around you.

Now to why you have come here: to read my thoughts on Jurassic World. I have been a fan of the Jurassic series for a number of years now starting off with the reading of the Michael Crichton Jurassic Series. The books are fabulous and I strongly encourage you to read the books.  I was concerned though about this movie as Michael Crichton took an advanced look at the potential of humans to destroy the earth, or the audacity to think they could. This is clear from the opening paragraphs of the book series. Crichton had a strong grasp of the power of God and of the earths ability to replenish itself, while at the same time, looking at the destructive and lack of caring nature of humanity. In my opinion Crichton was able to find a terrific balance between the perfect aspects of God's Creation and the inability of mankind to care for that creation. Again, don't take my word for it, read the introduction and first chapters of Jurassic Park.
My concern with the passing of Michael Crichton in November of 2008 was whether or not the production team of the new release of Jurassic World would hold to those concepts? Let me say, not only did they hold to them, they in a way, expounded on them with reflections of our current world of science. It is in this area I think many will wrongly classify this movie as Action Adventure, when in reality it is Science Fiction. It explores the reality of where we are, are going and the possible results of the exploration into cloning, geno testing and so forth.

The special effects in Jurassic World are as good as ever. I saw the film in 3-D and while there are some worthwhile scenes in 3-D I would recommend forgoing the 3-D experience and watch it on a large screen in digital format. It may be even better like this. The other aspects of the movie technically are quite nice, the dinosaurs look as real as ever and the acting overall, while nothing award winning is still entertaining. There is a great score to the movie and it plays nicely alongside the images, several of which will have you jumping out of your seat and grabbing the person next to you. I also applaud the direction and editing as they are also done nicely.
I also appreciate the script, while it does drag minimally at times, it still holds up and entertains quite well. There are the primary plots of testing with things in a scientific way that are better left to God ,to the harm of divorce on children and the importance of spending time with others. There is also a wonderful illustration of sibling love I appreciated. We don't see that image often enough in the movies. 

As can be expected, (like we haven't learned before) not a lot of good can come about when you consider opening up a theme park with live dinosaurs, especially when you genetically alter the DNA of the animals and create mixed breads. There is a lot more potential harm than one could  imagine, especially when you have military contractors involved with purposes other than the original intent of the creation.

It is difficult to improve upon God's creation if it is possible at all. We see this wonderfully illustrated in this movie, yet, we see it play out, just like in real life, those tiring to do just that. It isn't to say the medical advances and other things haven't been of value; many have but a lot has to do with the intent of why one does what they do, whether it be flying a helicopter when they really don't have the experience, or creating something in a Petri dish without exploring the full potential of what it is you are trying to create or as in Jurassic World, clone.

There are lessons for all of us in these areas, especially as we look at our lives as they exist and will develop in the future, whether we be 14 or 94. We must all take seriously those around us and the situations around us which may be impacted by the things we engage in.

www.thevirtualpew.comI wouldn't say Jurassic World is a great movie; I would say it is a very fun movie for individuals over 10 when with parents or legal guardians. I would also say it is a thought provoking movie if you take the themes beyond the screen. They could open up enlightening thought provoking conversations with others if you allow about the potential of mankind to improve upon God's creation and the impact humanity has had on nature.  

Since this was a fun movie, minus a mom, dad and child insisting on a $5 bill to go to the bathroom, I'll deduct those three from a perfect score of 10 and give it an enlightening, entertaining 7.  

To see the trailer for the film, click on the following link, if the link doesn't appear, click on the video.

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