Monday, July 18, 2011

Disney's Have A Laugh, Volume 4

Disney is continuing its series Have A Laugh where it is redoing some of its classic cartoons, many of which have not been seen in some time. Their unique approach of releasing the DVD’s with updated music and quality re-mastering improvements to the original product has received quite a bit of praise. For the fans of classic Disney, the current release of Volume 4 will likely keep them happy.

I was actually quite pleased to see some of the older Disney pieces I hadn’t seen in some time, and a couple I had never seen. What I didn’t expect was a remix of some of the features using contemporary music as music styled videos. The transfer quality of the old footage was done quite well. The reproduction and editing with its usage of contemporary music while done nicely actually hindered my enjoyment of the cartoons using that style. The original cartoons with their original score were the highlight of the DVD’s.

One of the pleasures of the old Disney features is the reminder of the early and classic Disney. The characters, from Mickey Mouse to Pluto, and form Donald Duck to Goofy will bring back memories for many parents watching the with their children. Each character is a character many will know well and Disney and the early creators did an excellent job at maintaining character traits with each character over the years.

These old Disney cartoons bring back a seemingly time of innocence. One thing I fully expect them to do is to bring back memories and times where parents and young children can spend quality time together. There isn’t so much the concern of pressing social themes which seems to exist in many contemporary cartoons, there is instead an innocence which has as a primary purpose the desire to make one laugh.

While there is on the DVD what is called ‘Re-Micks’ which has the cartoons playing to contemporary music, I didn’t care for it. The real pleasure of this DVD is the original cartoons themselves. There are special features that are primarily marketing ploys using the same cartoons we see in remixed forms. I was rather let down and disappointed. Unfortunately, there just weren’t enough cartoons on the DVD.

If there had been a few more cartoons on the DVD, despite the issues regarding the remixes and adaptations to the cartoons, I would have been able to justify owning the product. The original cartoons were actually quite enjoyable and entertaining. There may be those who have enjoyed the series that will enjoy this more than I, but I imagine most would agree with my assessment. If looking for a good time with the kids this is an easy and fun hour. This DVD will bring back memories and provide children a taste of the past, a past that all too many parents will relate to.

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