Friday, August 4, 2017

Stephen King's The Dark Tower
Okay here goes, this will be one of those reviews that Pharisaic Christians will blast, put down, and on social media condemn and unfriend me for. Why? Because it is a review of the new Stephen King film The Dark Tower. Many will ask what in the world is a Christian reviewing such a horrible horror author like Stephen King for? Well I will tell you unapologetically, it is because horror tells a spiritual story like no other genera in my opinion. I also happen to think Stephen King often times tells a great story, mixed in with tons of spiritual symbolism, far more often than not pointing to the battle of good versus evil and in the case of The Dark Tower with symbolism that clearly points to a Messiah, Christ figure. I only wish that Stephen King could end a story as well as he tells it, there are times he does but I often find myself disappointed with the endings of the movies based on his stories.

The Dark Tower is loaded with star power, specifically Matthew McConaughey, Idris Elba, and Jackie Earle Haley among others. The movie is based on one of Stephen Kings most popular series of novels, The Dark Tower series.  King, while known for horror also writes some provocative thriller's. That is what The Dark Tower Series is, unfortunately, from the git-go, this shortened, 90 minute movie falls short in about every way imaginable with the exception of spiritual symbolism.
Idris Elba is the primary actor playing the part of The Gunslinger. Elba first came to my attention in 2005 with his role in the wonderful film The Gospel, a modern day parable of The Prodigal Son. He has been in the press a lot lately for various reasons. His star power continues to rise and he was the reported replacement for Daniel Craig as James Bond in the 007 James Bond series. Unfortunately, at least at this time, Elba will not be taking on the job of Bond but he has enough star power to make the first weekend of The Dark Tower a contender for the weekends box office champion. Unfortunately, due to the lackluster story, and the convoluted editing and direction, I don't expect that will carry it past the first weekend.

The storyline in The Dark Tower is essentially void of plot and character development. It is as if Sony Pictures knew they had a flop of a movie and rushed it to screen to get what they could out of it as opposed to making the movie that King and the story itself deserved. 

www.thevirtualpew.comOne of the bright points, if not the only bright point of the movie is the spiritual symbolism which is heavily sprinkled throughout the story. There is enough of a story line to understand the classic battle of Good versus Evil. This is especially so in various ways such as, just as there is a division between Heaven and Hell, in the movie, there are different dimensions with ways to cross those dimensions involving if you will, heavenly forces seeking to either kill and destroy, or to save humanity. The Gunslinger, (Elba) is a Christ figure who alone can defeat the evil Man in Black, played by Matthew McConaughey. The Man in Black is a clear representation of Satan, he seeks to destroy earth and all of her inhabitants. He seeks to do so by using the innocence and power of children to ultimately destroy the Dark Tower, he knows once it is destroyed, destruction will reign down on earth. He uses demon like characters and evil disciples to carry out his commands. His primary obstacle is in finding and destroying an innocent and perfect child. Lucas Hanson, played by Nicholas Hamilton is that child, one who is not understood and picked on and abused in many ways. While he has a loving mother, he doesn't know his father, only a step-father. Nicholas realizes what is going on in the dimensions around him from the visions he has been having. He ultimately hooks up with The Gunslinger and together they join forces to save the earth and humanity.

www.thevirtualpew.comIn the story, just as in faith specific to Christianity, battles have to be fought and victories won, often those victories come at a cost. I won't give much away other than to say I did love the illustrations specific to giving oneself up to the protection and direction of a savior and the sacrifices that savior makes, including going through what resembles a water baptism, and taking marks onto both of his hands (strongly resembling crucifixion marks) to ultimately defeat evil after an apparent resurrection from the dead.

Over the years Stephen King has been heavily criticized by many Christians in particular for the "evil" they say he promotes, yet, in many of his stories there is strong Christian symbolism and that symbolism doesn't stop with The Dark Tower. I just wish there had been a story that had gone with it and better direction. In all honesty, the first thirty minutes of the movie for me was so boring that if I hadn't been there with a friend, and there for the purpose of reviewing the movie, I would have left the theater or gone to another movie.

The Dark Tower is not a good movie, it is not a movie I could encourage anyone to see. It is a movie

however that I would gladly bring up the spiritual symbolic points I have in my review here. My personal recommendation is that if you are a fan of the books, that at best pay for a matinee, or even better, waiting until the movie is streamed for free on your streaming provider of choice. I hate to give a bad review to a movie I was anticipating so much but the most horrific part of this movie, isn't the story, it is the movie itself.

On a scale of 1 - 10, for the 3 nails used to crucify Christ and the one spear that pierced his side, I give a very disappointing 4.

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