Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Doctor Who 2014

If I asked you to name the longest running science fiction series in television history, what would you say it is? While some may guess it, I suspect many won't. The answer with just over 800 episodes  and on the air for over 50 years is Doctor Who, the BBC Series which just recently started a new season. 

The series started in 1963 and is noted for among other things, its reincarnations or reintegration's if you will, of now 12 different Doctors over the years. From his battling creatures such as Cybermen, Ice Warriors, Sontaran's and many others, one is of which is among primary concerns is The Dalek's.  We have seen various forms of social commentary come about in this long standing, fan favorite series. This year we see the regeneration of a new Doctor, the twelfth played by Peter Capaldi. We will see how he gets along with his traveling partner this season, Jenna Coleman who plays Clara Oswald. 

Capaldi takes over the role of the Doctor previously played by Matt Smith. There has been some controversy surrounding the new Doctor and series amongst British and some American audiences. Is the new Doctor too scary for children? Will Capaldi's age be a factor, he is the oldest Doctor since the shows incorporation back in 1963? 

www.mosaicwichita.comOver the years the show has been a wonderful tool to address much of the worlds events in a real science fiction kind of way. Of course, being a person whose Christian faith is important to him, I also suspect the series will continue on in the way it has for the previous 50+ years, finding ways to get those watching it to think beyond their expectations, to explore the faith verses science question as it has many years prior, and at times, will cause its viewers to think beyond themselves. Stay tuned as reviews of some of the episodes of this wonderful series are to follow in the near future, all along the while, casting a watchful eye as to how the new Doctor, Peter Capaldi handles the role and lives up to the hype of being, The Doctor. 

To see the advance of the BBC Trailer for the new season of Doctor Who, just click on the video below, if the video doesn't appear try the link:

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