Friday, May 2, 2014

The Amazing Spider-Man 2

www.thevirtualpew.comSince 2002 I have reviewed every Spider-Man theatrical movie release. I love the character and outside of Captain America he is my favorite comic book hero of all time. While I was among the rare and few who didn't like the latest Captain America movie, I was impressed at that movie with more than anything, the trailer of the new The Amazing Spider-Man 2 in 3D. It was with great anticipation that I awaited the release of the movie, yet, with some reservation as I have been let down so many times as was the case with Captain America The Winter Soldier. I arrived an hour and 15 minutes early, only to have to stand in a very long line to get into the theater.  It wasn't long after the movie started that all trepidation and concern flew out the window, the visuals early on convinced me I was in for an amazing ride over the next 2 1/2 hours.

As many who have read my reviews across the world know, I am blessed to live in the city with one of the top grossing theaters in the world, The Warren Theaters which reportedly has the largest IMAX screen in the world. It has wonderful sound, incredible seating and has great digital 3D possibilities. The Amazing Spider-Man 2 is in Real 3D and while all of these special features in a movie going experience can be wonderful, they can also be a let down. That is not the case of The Amazing Spider-Man 2. It is for movies such as this that these types of theaters are popping up across the world. The Amazing Spider-Man didn't let down in any way. It has some of the most amazing 3D effects, sound and visuals of any movie I have seen. Not since Avatar has a movie been as visually stunning. I even found the 3D effects here even better and more powerful than Avatar. They incredibly bring you into the action. The movie is AMAZING!  The sound pops, the images are as if you are there and when the web slinger goes slinging his web and swinging across the city, you will swear you are there swinging along with him. One of the monikers in the first Superman movie with Christopher Reeve's was "you will believe a man can fly." In The Amazing Spider-Man 2 it could be; "You will sling webs with Spidy."  

www.mosaicwichita.comThere are other things about this movie that was unexpected and yet, amazing. In 2002 I didn't think they would find a more appropriate Spider-Man than Tobey Maguire.  He seemed to epitomize everything about the character. With the launch of the Amazing Spider-Man series, I was okay with Andrew Garfield in the lead role, I just wasn't totally convinced and I still missed Tobey Maguire. In The Amazing Spider-Man 2 however, something has happened, the story, plot, character has clicked. Here Garfield sets the screen on fire. He isn't just good in the role, he is great and one of the amazing things is he has a great supporting cast deserving of Academy Award Consideration. While rare, almost even out of place to say something like this this early in the film year, I can't help it, Garfield is tremendous and as good as ever is Sally Field as Aunt May. The caliber of acting in this film is amazing, oh yeah did I also mention, Jamie Foxx, Denis Leary, Paul Giamatti and I could go on? The story, sound, direction, and everything about it takes this riveting superhero comic book movie from a strictly action and fun flick to an epic must see, will be Oscar considered movie. 

www.thevirtualpew.comWhat makes this movie so good isn't just the above, it is the story and themes including the concepts, of Faith, Hope, and Love. Sound familiar? It should as it is a concept so strikingly represented in the Bible that one would have to wonder, is The Amazing Spider-Man 2 a movie about a superhero named Spider-Man, or is Spider-Man a parable about the potential for each of us, including the need for resiliency and need of a savior?  I try to give spoiler free reviews but here we see the importance of sacrifice, the instillation of hope and the loss of loved ones. We even see the imagery as presented by Jesus in the Bible of the role and faith of a child. While Spider-Man or those on the forefronts of inspiring others may have difficulties, it is important to remember the faith, hope, love and inspiration provided to others, even a small child, who like the little boy David is willing to take on the giants of the world, even when they are in a Rino suit. Of course that hope provided can move us all to be a hero in some shape fashion or form, it can also inspire and convince us that we are more than a nobody, we are a somebody. Many in life would say, you aren't any one special, you are just a regular guy or gal but Spiderman, the Bible, and God tells us that we are more than that, we are in fact conquerors and we are chosen by God to be more than regular, more than a nobody, we are a somebody.  We must remember though, that as is the case in The Amazing Spider-Man 2 we see with Electro, through the person of Max Dllion played by Jamie Foxx, we have to be careful to not let pride, or jealousy enter our thoughts, mind, or actions. Just as sure as there is the potential for good among all of us, there is also the potential for evil, the things that take us to the place of doing evil may seem minuscule at times but the end results of evil are still death and destruction, even when the original intent may have been good.  

www.mosaicwichita.comIt is at this place I normally state what I didn't like about a movie, truth be told there really was nothing I didn't like about the movie other than the idiots who sat behind me who couldn't keep their mouths shut or apparently, (what I was told later but didn't observe during the movie) turn their cell phones off, a huge pet peeve of mine. Thankfully I was with friends and controlled myself, but as a reminder to everyone reading, please refrain from talking during a movie and turn off your cell phones, I can't think of many people who have earned the right to ruin or damper the movie going experience of others.

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 is in a word, AMAZING! Most people, including those who don't like superhero movies will enjoy this. It is more story than many will realize and it also has plenty of action with incredible special effects. The 2 1/2 hour movie will fly by as you will be so caught up with what is happening on screen. It is by and far, in my opinion the best of the Spider-Man movies which puts me in somewhat of a dilemma. I gave an earlier Spider-Man movie a 10 on a scale of 1 - 10. That being the case, how can I keep but giving this AMAZING, movie, which is better, anything less? So on a scale of 1 - 10, for the Amazing Spider-Man 2 I give a rather rare, but rewarding 10. 

To see the latest trailer for the film, just click on the video below, if the video doesn't appear, just click on the link:

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Dan O. said...

It finds many ways to entertain with its flashy visual effects and action sequences, and just be fun in general. Good review Mike.

Mike Furches, Mosaic and The Virtual Pew said...

Thanks Dan, I appreciate it.