Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Bubble Guppies with Wanda Sykes Movie on DVD

I have been trying to figure out as of late the recent phenomena regarding the resurgence of bubbles. There are bubbles with color, bubbles with scent, big bubbles, bubble machines, little bubbles, there just seems to be bubbles everywhere. My beautiful granddaughter Aaliyah is infatuated with bubbles; I couldn’t help but wonder why? Then there were the words she was saying which made no sense to me, ‘Bubble Guppies! Bubble Guppies Pee Paw!’ I can’t even begin to describe my confusion and wonderment. Then her daddy, my son, told me about how she loved the television show Bubble Guppies. It made no sense, then I had as an assignment; the opportunity to review the new DVD movie, Bubble Guppies. Luckily, I had the wisdom of a 2-year-old little girl to help me understand the DVD. After that approximate 2 hours of time, my questions about the resurgence of bubbles, and Bubble Guppies, may have just been answered.

Now I have to admit from the very outset, I am one of the rare few that have not been the biggest fans of Nickelodeon or their programming. There just has been too much disrespect for parenting for my enjoyment. That isn’t to say all programming is bad, there is the innocent enough programs and on a rare occasion, the exceptional program that I have enjoyed. With the new movie and DVD release of Bubble Guppies, I was pleasantly surprised, not just at the attention my 2-year-old granddaughter was giving the show, but the appropriateness of the show.

There are several features on the DVD including the short movie where the primary feature has The Bubble Guppies discovering certain aspects of Fairy Tales. There is also the search for the Bubble Puppy which is quite adorable. Wanda Sykes plays a fun role in her part as a witch attempting to keep The Bubble Guppies from discovering the truth about certain things. She adds an extra fun dimension to the story adding to the enjoyment likely more so for the adults than the children watching along. One of the things I didn’t know or expect was the educational techniques used in the show, from music to simple games within the program, I was impressed with the ability to teach, even a 2-year-old simple concepts. That along with the 3-D types of effects of the computer CGI and bright and brilliant colors had this an easy to watch, enjoyable program.

Now as to character development, don’t expect The Grapes of Wrath, but believe me, this program does an excellent job at communicating on a lower level to the small children watching it. I was simply put, amazed at the things my granddaughter picked up on, but maybe she did that because she is a genius after all.

There are valuable lessons presented in this show that goes along with the teaching which occurs. The concepts of friendship, diversity, sharing, and other attributes which demonstrate decency was in all honesty somewhat surprising. That says something in and of itself though about how we tend to prejudge others. The reality is there is beauty in all of us as we are all created in the image of God. These concepts can also bring about a measure of respect that helps in the understanding of God’s creation.

One of the concerns I have about this program is that it is so good it maintained the attention of a very small child for a long period of time. The movie teaches a concept of togetherness and love but if the DVD is used as a babysitting tool it is really the parent that is loosing out. I would hope and pray that this be a DVD that parents and their small children sit down together and watch as opposed to a babysitting tool. It is unique enough that it will entertain adults and children. There is even a special feature that has karaoke and another which involves dancing that my wife and I literally did with our granddaughter. Not only did she love this, but we did to. That is the beauty of this video, the potential for families to have fun together. The uniqueness here is that most of the time, there is just little available that will keep the attention of both adult and child, Bubble Guppies does it.

With the release of this DVD, I expect the DVD’s will be flying off the shelves. I have already seen the program selling for above retail prices on eBay and other online services. A unique concept I know, but I would personally recommend, if you have a small child in your life, especially one who loves Bubble Guppies, purchase this when you see it on the racks. It will make for a fun experience in doing something few movies of this type have done in the past, bringing the very young together with the very old. Heck who knows, you may even be dancing and singing with your child sooner than expected if you aren’t already.

To see the video posted below, click on the video, if the video doesn’t appear or appears in distorted form, click on the following link:

Bubble Puppy's Fin-Tastic Fairytale Adventure with Wanda Sykes from Jessica Wilson on Vimeo.

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Anonymous said...

Bubble Guppies is one of my favorite cartoons my daughter watches. It really teaches her, every episode comes with a lesson learned. I ordered it on Blockbuster @Home and received it in the mail very soon after. My daughter was pretty surprised to see it waiting in the mail for us. I have this weekend off from my job at Dish so were going to sit back and watch it a few times maybe more since I don't have to return it right away.

Mike Furches, Mosaic and The Virtual Pew said...

hope you enjoyed it and will say, it is well worth the purchase as well. Also great you are spending time with your daughter. Love it!