Tuesday, October 19, 2010

MGM Collections, Kids Movies & 80's Movies

MGM has recently released two collection series, one; The MGM Movie Collection, 6 Kids Movies, and the other The MGM Movie Collection, 6 80’s Movies. Both sets contain 3 double sided DVD’s and are offered up with mixed reviews.

The first of the series I watched was the collection including the 6 Kids Movies. The DVD series features the live action movies Snow White, Red Riding Hood, Beauty and the Beast, Puss In Boots, Sleeping Beauty, and Hansel and Gretel. These movies from 1986-1988 features various cast members and were nicely done. I was surprised at the intensity of some of the movies. While they seemed to be marketed to small children, I thought more appropriate for children a little older. There are some scary themes and adult dialog and situations in some of the features. There was enough of an adult orientation that I actually found myself enjoying these more than I thought I would.

The second of the series, featuring the 80’s movies include, Valley Girl, The Rachel Papers, Losin’ It, The Last American Virgin, Class and Zapped. Each of these ‘R’ rated movies are targeted towards teens and young adults. Their ‘R’ rating and targeted audience gives some indication as to the content. While there were some break out roles for such actors as Tom Cruise, James Spader and others, one should not expect great acting or great story lines. What one can expect, depending on their age, is a little nostalgia, an opportunity to enjoy seeing younger versions of current stars, and a little history of the predecessor of the more adult oriented teen movies we have today.

Both sets of movies offer a little history that shows what some may say is the golden age of morality, and others would say the decline. In the children’s features we see a variety of stories that teach morals and certain life lessons. They are stories most parents and children are aware of. The movie versions of the stories are faithfully told and done quite well. On the other hand we see a variety of movies in the 80’s films that one could think on the surface promote inappropriate and dangerous behavior. I challenge though, that while I didn’t like these movies nearly as much as the kid’s collection, there are still life lessons taught because of the consequences of actions. We also see the development of relationships in these films, the importance of accepting people without prejudgment and the danger of inappropriate relationships. For some, like me, the nostalgia of living through the 80’s will also bring back memories. The truth is, people change, and we are not the same for the duration of our lives. While we may carry on certain characteristic traits, ultimately, we have the potential to change. One of the things we see from both of these sets is that change can not only occur in adults, but children. Often those who are unwilling to accept change are the ones left behind, or made out to be the antagonist.

I would have liked is a better quality of transfer in both the picture and sound for both sets of movies. I realize the primary benefit of these releases is to make them available in at an affordable price. These are affordable and fun. Don’t expect anything of great quality but do expect fun. In the process, notice the ability of some, of various ages, to change, then ask yourself, is there something I can learn, is there something I need to change about myself? If a movie buff like I am, you will not only see the change in the characters on screen, but you will appreciate the change in the actors who played those characters. Yes, life moves on, and we with it. Some may need or even desire the reminders of the past, as for me, I prefer the joy of the present and the hope of the future.

The following feature some of the scenes from a couple of the movies in the collection. Just click on the video, if the video doesn't appear, click on the link:


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