Thursday, October 25, 2007

Mr. Brooks DVD Release

Mr. Broooks, is an edge of your seat thriller that is laced with spiritual themes. This recently released DVD has an all-star cast that simply put, comes through with their performance and a wonderful tight script that will have the viewer on the edge of their seat until the very end. While this is far from the best movie I have seen, it is a movie I am still thinking of some days after review of the DVD and while my criteria for a DVD is somewhat different than that of the theatrical release, I was pleased with this effort and product, and believe those who like a good thriller and exploration of the human psyche will fall into the same category.

Mr. Brooks does a great job of not losing any of the quality from the theatrical release. While it is wonderfully shot and filmed, the close quarters and close ups throughout the film do not loose their importance on the small screen. In fact, in some ways, this wonderful little thriller may be better in the quaintness of ones living room, especially during the Halloween season. From a fun filled musical score to the sound one can find themselves enjoying the frights, thrills, and suspense of Mr. Brooks. While there are some gruesome scenes, there is nothing so bad it would prevent most people from enjoying the story.

Mr. Brooks also has a wonderful ensemble cast that does not loose sight of their purpose and role. Kevin Costner plays the title role of Earl Brooks, a local business man of the year who also has an addiction that has him interacting with an alter ego constantly challenging him. This alter ego, played on screen by William Hurt is a part of Mr. Brooks but he is also a reflection of all of us. Some can imagine the little angel sitting on one shoulder and the little devil sitting on the other, one challenging us to do right, and the other to do wrong. This imagery of the conscious and the concept of good and evil existing within each of us is wonderfully portrayed in a thoughtful imaginative way. William Hurt takes on this difficult role, and does a great job with it. It is one of the best roles for Hurt in some time. Not only do we see this struggle between Hurt and Mr. Brooks, we see a struggle going on with other characters within the film, characters like Detective Tracy Atwood played by Demi Moore, and Mr. Smith played surprisingly well by Dane Cook.

The essential story of Mr. Brooks is that while continuing to struggle with his own addictions, he is challenged to balance his desires, his life, with the life of the family which he genuinely loves. He has a terrible sin that many won’t relate to, a terrible sin that one would wonder how his family would never know. But being a resident of Wichita Kansas and having done a great deal of study on our recent serial killer known as BTK, I understand to some extent how a mind like Mr. Brook works. Just like Dennis Rader, AKA, The BTK Killer, Mr. Brook has a way of keeping things from his wife and family. His secret life is one which is filled with mystery, and death. As the story progresses we see Mr. Brook struggle with his own sins. He has the desire to give them up, but has found himself trapped by the reoccurring consequences of his sin..

The concept of facing the consequences of sin is wonderfully played out in a thought provoking way. While we may not all be a Mr. Brook, at least to his extreme, Mr. Brook represents all of us to some degree. We may not think about the wrongs we do, but we eventually discover, just as Mr. Brook, there are consequences for our actions, and often those we love end up getting hurt. There are also those on the outside looking at us who think things are better than they really are. They may even covet or desire the things we do and the way we live. We see this especially in the character of Mr. Smith played by Dane Cook. But just as there are consequences of Mr. Brook’s actions we see ultimately consequences for those like Mr. Smith who would desire the evil things in life for their own benefit.

There is an interesting thought illustrated in Mr. Brook that looks at the genetic concept of behavior. While the film could have done a better job at exploring this it at least brings up the question and for those who believe in what some say is the Biblical concept of the sins of the father being passed down, there is room of discussion for this aspect. We see this in the life of Mr. Brook’s daughter. In a shocking and surprising scene towards the end of the movie, we are shocked, and ultimately forced to think of this concept.

I was very pleased with the DVD release of Mr. Brooks. The DVD contains a good selection of special features. The deleted scenes are especially nice as we see an obvious subplot contained within the character of Detective Tracy Atwood played by Demi Moore. It opens up the viewer to a better understanding of this character and all she is going through. The directors commentary is also nicely done with some very thought provoking concepts discussed. As far as the special features go, for buffs like me you won’t be disappointed.

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